Real-Time and Embedded Systems


Here you will find links to demo and tutorial videos. Some of the videos have an audio track (some English, some German). So be sure to tune up your stereo!

You can watch the videos inside your browser, using our Flash-based player. You can also download the videos and watch them locally. After having watched the videos, feel free to download KIELER or browse through our Wiki for more information!

Light-Weight Diagrams

  • Clipping and Selective Zooming (1:46, by Christoph Daniel Schulze)
  • Standalone Ptolemy Viewer based on KLighD (2:16, by Christoph Daniel Schulze)
  • Ptolemy visualization with KLighD (2:25min, by Miro Spönemann; presented at VL/HCC 2013)


Automatic Layout



  • Simulating SCCharts (interactive, by Christian Motika, 5MB)
  • Circuit Transformation Demo (by Francesca Rybicki, 24MB)
  • Circuit Simulation Demo (by Francesca Rybicki, 13MB)
  • Circuit Tracing Demo (by Francesca Rybicki, 14MB)


Structure Based Editing


Interactive Timing Analysis

                 needed installations: VirtualBox Downloads, platform packages)


Focus & Context


Execution Manager

  • Debugging Synchronous Java (SJ) on Lego Mindstorms® with KIEM (interactive, by Christian Motika, 50MB)


Esterel to SyncCharts Transformation


  • Transforming Esterel to SyncCharts with KIES (2min, by Ulf Rüegg, 1MB)


Data Visualization & Rendering



  • KIELER Introduction Feature Talk (33min, Fachvortrag, Tag der Informatik 2009/12, German, by Matthias Burmeister and Hauke Fuhrmann, 83MB)
  • Legacy KIEL Demo (interactive + audio track, by Hauke Fuhrmann, 12MB)