Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Christoph Daniel Schulze

Research assistant, PhD student

Olshausenstr. 40, R.1112 (CAP 4)
Phone: +49 431 880-7297
Telefax: +49 431 880-7615

Further Information

Here's a few more details about me, if anyone's interested.


  • Eclipse Layout Kernel: An infrastructure for automatic layout in Eclipse as well as layout algorithms to go with it (project lead)
  • KIELER: Model-based development in Eclipse (primarily involved in automatic layout)


Advised Theses

  • Yannic Borgfeld, Tool Support for Layout Algorithm Development with ELK
    Bachelor Thesis, in progress
  • Thies Weber, Improved Vertical Segment Routing for Sugiyama Layouts
    Bachelor Thesis, in progress
  • Niklas Rentz, Moving Transient Views from Eclipse to Web Technologies
    Master Thesis, November 2018
  • Daniel Lucas, Order- and Drawing Area-Aware Packing of Rectangles
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2018
  • Yella Lasch, Self Loops in Graph Layout Algorithms
    Master Thesis, April 2018
  • Daniel Jahn, Connected Components and Hierarchical Ports
    Master Thesis, December 2017
  • Annika Pooch, A Test Infrastructure for Layout Algorithms
    Master Thesis, May 2017
  • Daniel Jahn, Eine textuelle Sprache zum automatischen Generieren von Sequenzdiagrammen
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2015
  • Yella Lasch, Label Management in Graph Layout Algorithmen
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2015
  • Christina Plöger, Improving Comment Attachment Algorithms
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2015
  • Alan Schelten, On the Greedy Reduction of Edge Crossings 
    Bachelor Thesis, March 2015
  • Tibor Töpfer, Ebenenbasiertes Kantenrouting mit Splines
    Diploma Thesis, November 2014
  • Marius Richter, Visualisierung von Schienennetzinfrastrukturdaten
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2014
  • Katja Petrat, Erweiterung und Implementierung eines Knotenplatzierungsalgorithmus
    Bachelor Thesis, March 2014
  • Stanislaw Nasin, Graphische Zuordnung von Elementen einer Modelltransformation
    Bachelor Project, March 2013
  • Helge Müller, Designing Applications With the e4 Application Model
    Bachelor Project, March 2013
  • Gregor Hoops, Automatic Layout of UML Sequence Diagrams
    Diploma Thesis, April 2013
  • John Julian Carstens, Node and Label Placement in a Layered Layout Algorithm
    Master Thesis, September 2012
  • Tim Grebien, Managing Academic Eclipse-Based Projects
    Diploma Thesis, August 2012