Real-Time and Embedded Systems


For first-year students, we regularly offer Inf-ProgOO: Programmierung  (Module Description, iLearn)

For 3rd+ year students (Bachelor/Master), we regularly offer the following sequence of courses:


The above classes can typically also serve as a preparation for a Bachelor/Master thesis. If you are interested in doing a thesis at our group, you should have a look here or, even better, participate in one of our Oberseminars, and get in touch with us.

We also regularly offer seminars and projects (Fortgeschrittenenpraktika).

Note to Master students: There are two routes to the M.Sc., you may 1) participate in one of the master programs, or you may 2) follow an individual schedule that you coordinate with an academic advisor (see also here). Either way, if you consider pursuing a Master in our area, it is recommended to talk to us rather sooner than later to align your courses with your interest.

In general, classes are taught in German, most written materials (scripts, text books, papers, some of the web pages such as this one) are in English. The following is an overview (in German) of courses offered in the current semester. To view alternative representations or other semesters, select a semester from the navigation tree on the left.

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