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The Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout Eclipse RichClient, or short KIELER, is a research project about enhancing the graphical model-based design of complex systems. There are two main research thrusts:

  • The pragmatics of model-based system design aims to improve comprehensibility of diagrams, improve development and maintenance time, and improve the analysis of dynamic behavior. The basic idea is to consistently employ automatic layout in all graphical components of the diagrams within the modeling environment. This opens up new possibilities for diagram editing, browsing, and dynamic visualizations (e.g. for simulation runs). Automatic graph layout is a key enabler for this field, and therefore one of the major research topics.
  • The semantics of modeling languages, especially synchronous languages. We focus on Sequentially Constructive Charts (SCCharts), a successor of SyncCharts that is also synchronous state chart dialect. SCCharts have sequentially constructive semantics. We contribute a tool chain for SCCharts from editing to compilation. We also contribute a full featured Esterel editor together with an integration of the Columbia Esterel Compiler (CEC) for simulation purposes. We built an execution infrastructure (KIEM) to easily integrate new/other simulators and generalized a model-transformation-based compilation approach (KICO).




Key Publications

Automatic Layout

Christoph Daniel Schulze, Miro Spönemann, and Reinhard von Hanxleden. Drawing layered graphs with port constraints. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, Special Issue on on Diagram Aesthetics and Layout, 25(2):89–106, 2014. The original publication is available at (pdf )

Lightweight Diagram Browsing

Christian Schneider, Miro Spönemann, and Reinhard von Hanxleden. Just model! – Putting automatic synthesis of node-link-diagrams into practice. In Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC’13), San Jose, CA, USA, 15–19 September 2013. (pdf)

Pragmatics in General

Hauke Fuhrmann and Reinhard von Hanxleden. Taming graphical modeling. In Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE 13th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS’10), vol. 6394 of LNCS, p. 196–210, 2010. Springer. The original publication is available at (pdf)


Reinhard von Hanxleden, Michael Mendler, Joaquín Aguado, Björn Duderstadt, Insa Fuhrmann, Christian Motika, Stephen Mercer, Owen O’Brien, and Partha Roop. Sequentially constructive concurrency—A conservative extension of the synchronous model of computation. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Special Issue on Applications of Concurrency to System Design, 13(4s):144:1–144:26, July 2014. (pdf)

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